Live Cricket 2009

Live Cricket 2009 is a work-in-progress game for the PC being developed by Kurtkz, a member at the forums. At the moment, it’s primarily an arcade-style game with mostly 2d graphics, but it will also include a management/simulation mode.

Screenshots and more information about the game can be found at his thread on the Planetcricket forums:

He has also recently released an early demo for people to test. The demo can be downloaded here.

Yes, that is a .doc file extension at the end. You have to rename it to .zip after you download the file. You can then unzip it and click on the executable file.

Kurtkz has provided a brief tutorial on how to play the game that can be downloaded here. If you encounter any problems with the game, you can report them in the Planetcricket thread and contribute to the development of the game.


3 responses to “Live Cricket 2009

  1. Hey, thanks for spreading the word 🙂 The management and simulation modes are already included in the game for limited overs (T2o/ODI). It doesn’t work for Test matches yet though…


  2. This looks like a great game. Have you heard of any other devices having issues

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