Galli Cricket

Galli Cricket is a game for the PC that has been out for a while now. For a number of reasons, it has largely been eclipsed by other, better marketed cricket games on the market. One reason is that the game has focused on catering almost exclusively to the subcontinent’s large fan base, to India, in particular. The concept of ‘galli’ (street) cricket itself holds much more appeal for cricket fans on the subcontinent, most of whom developed their love for the game playing on neighbourhood streets. A second reason is that the game lacks, by design, the sort of realism that fans seek in cricket games. Its narrow focus in recreating the feel of street cricket means that the official formats of the sport are left out, no international teams, no tests. To its credit, Galli Cricket sets itself a limited task of catering to a specific niche and does a pretty good job at that.

You can read more about the feature set of Galli Cricket on its website. You can also download the free version of the game on its website by registering or here.


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