Cricket Revolution Gameplay

There’s a video up on youtube that shows the gameplay of the upcoming Mindstorm Studios game, Cricket Revolution.

The person providing the commentary moves in and out of using English, so it might be somewhat difficult to understand what he’s trying to say at certain points. The graphics seem decent, at least based on the standard set by past cricket games. But, of course, the big sell of Cricket Revolution is its online multi-player feature, not its graphics. Something that stood out from the video is how the bowling system works. The player determines the pace and variation well before the bowler begins his run up. Also, I noticed that every ball that was bowled in the video was easily dispatched to the boundary. It’s hard to say anything conclusive about the quality of the gameplay from the video, but hopefully the batting system is more challenging than it looked.


3 responses to “Cricket Revolution Gameplay

  1. plz send me the product key of cricket revoltion

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