Update to Live Cricket 2009

The developer of Live Cricket 2009 has released an updated beta version of the game. According to him, this version will serve as the final public beta for the game before it undergoes further changes and is released in its final form.

The updated version fixes most of the bugs from earlier releases and contains a few substantive feature changes. It can be downloaded here. There’s also a patch to go along with it which can be downloaded here. Both files need to be renamed from .doc to .zip. You can then unzip the files and overwrite the executable from the first folder with the one from the folder for the patch.

If you encounter any bugs or would like to suggest changes to the game, you can post them in the Live Cricket 2009 thread on the Planetcricket.net forums.


5 responses to “Update to Live Cricket 2009

  1. the game is good gameplay wise but there are too many crashes. is there any patch for this game which can fix the crashes?

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  3. nice game, clean game play

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